Bright piano, dreamy flutes, tender strings, sparkling chimes and airy celestial choirs transform the flight of Icarus from a classical Greek tragedy into a modern triumph of the human spirit.Favorably compared to Vangelis, Steve Roach, and Richard Burmer. This CD was originally released in 1992 on 2002’s own label, Dreamtime Records.


1. Once in Ancient Greece
2. Year and a Day
3. Sands of Crete
4. Icarus
5. Athens Memories
6. Tower of Minos
7. Wings
8. Feathers
9. Temple of Apollo


The myth of Daedelus and his hgh flying son, Icarus, are lovingly captured on this sonic voyage. Even in “scenes” where the two do not fly, the music catches the sunlight in the high mist, lifting you away on holy pilgrimages and angelic breezes.” ~ NAPRA

“If angels made music, it would surely sound like Wings.” ~ Rochel Haigh Blehr

“When you listen to this one, you can feel the magic of what holds the universe together, and my only regret is that our grading system goes no higher than 5.” ~ Sound Mind Magazine
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Music for a Celestial Journey