Trail of Dreams

Trail of Dreams

Winner "Best Vocal Album" 2014 – Zone Music Reporter – 11th Annual ZMR Music Awards

Trail of Dreams is about that great journey into the unknown, to find one’s destiny. Many of the songs were inspired by the stories of these great travelers. The title track depicts the great spiritual epic Autobiography of a Yogi, where Yogananda travels to far away America to bring the spirituality of India to the west. “Navigatio” recounts the voyage of Saint Brendan from Ireland in the sixth century, setting out to find a glorious Heavenly island. In “Follow Your Star”, Honera O’Flynn is kidnapped from her homeland of Ireland and brought to America, where she ultimately finds her destiny, and true love. The album ends with “Ever Onward”, a life-affirming anthem about following dreams, and always moving forward

Throughout their last few albums, progressive new age band 2002 has been steadily increasing their use of vocals and percussion, infusing elements from pop, folk and progressive rock into their ambient/neo-classical roots. Also during that time, Sarah Copus, daughter of Pamela and Randy, has been taking on an ever-increasing role in the group. With the release of Trail of Dreams, Sarah, now just 10 years old, is one of the harpists and the primary lead vocalist in the band. Her soaring, angelic voice is featured prominently on Trail of Dreams, with many of the harmonies and vocal arrangements having been created by her. The synergy that Sarah brings to 2002’s signature sound has created something entirely new, by a band that believes in following the musical adventure wherever it leads, ever onward.

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Take that Jackie Evancho. The Copus’ now bring their 10 year old into the family business as harpist and primary vocalist. Taking their orchestral new age to the next level, the tyro’s vocals are given a pleasing ethereal mix that folds into the overall sound quite angelically. Picking up the orchestral new age baton from where Chip Davis seems to have laid it down, the Copuses have been at it long enough to know their métier well and deliver the goods throughout. Lush and lovely, just waiting for you to sink down into, they could become synonymous with holidays with just a few tweaks to the formula—but then we couldn’t enjoy them the rest of the year. Well done. ~ Chris Spector – Midwest Record Entertainment

They were amazing as a duo, but now as a trio, they are truly the “first family” of new age music. Trail of Dreams is a stirring, evocative, and absolutely magical listening experience that I give my highest recommendation to. ~ Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

This band knows how to utilize all their talent in an exceptional manner. Throughout the course of Trail of Dreams you feel elation, peacefulness and an overall spirituality that the music delivers. It is a wonderful thing and I have not heard an album by this talented family that I have not appreciated and fully enjoyed. There were times I was overwhelmed with joy and blissfulness then also a sadness that made me reflect on family members that have passed through the years. Music, good music, has a way of bringing on the entire range of emotions and that is why it can heal your soul. Another job well done by 2002. ~ Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews

Trail of Dreams is the name of 2002’s highly anticipated new album, which is being released today. It’s obvious that dreams really do come true, because 2002 have never been better. Trail of Dreams is one of this year’s best New Age music albums. Listening to the new 2002 album is like reading a novel where each page is filled with mystery and magic. There’s so many details and layers. You just have to keep on reading, or in this case listening, to find out how it ends. It is a rare quality in music. In short; Trail of Dreams is the kind of album many New Age music artists dream of recording. It’s filled with positive energy, yet still there’s a sense of mystery. With Trail of Dreams 2002 have delivered their best album to date.
Score: 96/100 ~ BT Fasmer, New Age Music Odyssey



Into the Light
Trail of Dreams
Follow Your Star
Deep Horizon
Ever Onward

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