The Sacred Well

The Sacred Well
Let 2002’s collection of their finest music to date immerse you in the resonance of that eternal source. Delicate strings and piano cascade over graceful acoustic guitars, flutes and harps, with sublime vocals soothing and uplifting every beat of your heart. This compilation includes two new tracks composed especially for this CD!(Released October 2002)


1. Stardust
2. City of Peace
3. Lover’s Bridge
4. Summer of 300 Years
5. Lady of the Moon
6. The Sea At Night
7. Stella Maris
8. Kindred Spirit
9. To Touch the Sky
10. The Calling
11. The Ocean Dreams
12. Full Circle


I repeatedly listen to “Stardust” with it’s “Enya-like” angelic chorus…but it’s the wholeness of the track that wraps me up in the 2002 sound like a warm blanket. Full of sparkling guitar and breathy flute intertwining with the gentle rhythms and those soaring vocals….I love that “Stardust”! “Kindred Spirit” was written as an homage to Hilary Stagg…he would have LOVED it…and the the last two tracks are exquisite and so representative of 2002’s style. 2002 music sometimes creates very strong images in my mind…and sometimes it simply directs me into a state of restful peace…essential new age music. ~
Jander Jay via iTunes


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