The Emerald Way

The Emerald Way
23 weeks on the Billboard New Age Chart!

The Emerald Way refers to the moment in life when a pivotal choice must be made – to choose the way that is customary and expected of us – or to head down the overgrown hidden path leading to the unknown. 

Inspired by the story of Savitri by Sri Aurobindo, in which Savitri discovers that her love, Satyavan, has only one year left to live,  and she must decide whether or not she will stay with him in the emerald forest or search for a new love.
Soulful flutes, silky guitar and piano tell the story, accompanied by lush strings, harp and chimes blending into 2002’s signature sound, renowned for comfort and deep relaxation.


1. Inner Light
2. Another Answer Came
3. Remember Now
4. The Emerald Way
5. Overheard in a Dream
6. Soul Doors
7. Unopened Flower
8. Timeless
9. Traveler Winds
10. Secret Shores


“If someone asked me to define the genre of New Age music with one listen of a CD, I’d likely pick one of 2002’s eight recordings. Their music is the epitome of serenity and peace – the atmospheric and gentle dream sounds softly put the listener into deep relaxation.” ~ Peter Manzi, New Age Retailer Magazine

“The music overflows with heavenly melodies and majestic crescendos that are as light as cotton candy and equally sweet.” ~ Dan Cowan, Music Design

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