An epic soundtrack to a timeless love story, retold in this 69 minute neoclassical symphony, rich with piano, strings, flute, wind chimes and lush, angelic textures. These twelve gentle, romantic songs transport the listener to 5th century B.C. India, where the Princess Savitri discovers that true love can conquer death. Favorably compared to the transcendental instrumental compositions of Enya.


1. In the Time of Legend
2. Savitri – Child of the Sun
3. The Quest
4. Satyavan
5. One
6. Descent Into Darkness
7. The Year
8. The Forest
9. A Voice In the Night
10. A Dream Twilight
11. The Eternal Day
12. Return to Earth


“2002 specialize in slow-breathing, classically tinged melodies that drift and float on billowing clouds, bright with crystalline piano, dreamy flutes, tender strings, sparkling chimes and airy celestial choirs.” ~ James M. Haig, Real to Reel

“2002’s music, skill, and compositional sense continue to capture the symphonic sweep of an epic soundtrack coupled with the subtle nuance of a classical ballad.” ~ Jeff Filbert, Music From the Global Village

“This is one of the most enchanting musical sagas that engulfs you and transports you to the enchanted time of Savitri. You find yourself lost in the beauty and magic of Savitri. The way the different instruments are woven together gives this creation its richness and enchantment. Very powerful and moving.” ~ A fan from North Carolina

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Music for a Celestial Journey