River of Stars

River of Stars

74 weeks on the Billboard New Age Chart!

River of Stars is 2002’s most stunning album to date, offering gorgeous compositions which glide and soar through the galaxy. As the new millennium unfolds, the heavens open and pour out a River of Stars.


1. River of Stars
2. Elysian Fields
3. Stella Maris
4. First Daughter of the Moon
5. Starwalkers
6. Heaven and Earth
7. Lover’s Bridge
8. Dreaming Tree
9. Tanabata Moon
10. Rays of Light


"On their fifth release, the duo known as 2002 aim for the stars and overshoot their mark, with transcendent glory that translates perfectly through heavenly music with a wider range than they have previously explored. Pamela and Randy Copus seem to draw from an unlimited well of creativity, and this aspect, combined with their heartfelt approach, has established them as one of the top New Age groups. Traces of Enya-like lushness combine with the trademark harp, guitars, flutes, etc, and this addition of voice tracks really expands the divine sounds they create. Through meticulous production and utmost care & sensitivity that they put into this project, River of Stars is clearly their best-sounding release yet, and should easily become a runaway best-seller from coast to coast. ~ Backroads Music

"Along with artists like John Tesh, Suzanne Ciani, and Kevin Kern, 2002 has the aura of elegiac chamber music, but it is so awash in bathos it makes Mantovani sound like Varese. The impressions that poke through 2002’s satin sheen are evident. The duo’s opulent arrangements and romantic themes recall Vangelis. "Stella Maris" echoes Enya’s "Cursum Perficio." What a way to begin the new millennium! ~ Billboard Magazine


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