Land of Forever

Land Of Forever
54 weeks on the Billboard New Age Chart!

Legend tells that a person visiting the mysterious northern isle of “Tir Na Noc” for a day may discover, upon returning, that 300 years have passed. On Land of Forever, glistening guitar adds a new depth to the familiar array of angelic strings, keyboard, flutes and harp transporting you into that mysterious other realm. A soothing hour of music that could last …. forever.


1. Summer of 300 Years
2. Sea of Dreams
3. Land of Forever
4. Realms of Splendor
5. Calling
6. Dance With a Princess
7. Feast of Immortals
8. Falling Through Time
9. Heavenly Cities
10. Oceansky



“There are many legends surrounding the Land of Forever Young, or Tir Na Noc. It is said that a Bronze Age people were driven from Ireland around 600 B.C., retreating to an island off the Irish coast that remains submerged by day. It rises only at night, its glistening towers faintly visible in the moonlight. Land of Forever beautifully evokes the timeless image of this legend in dream-like, ambient soundscapes.” ~ New Age Retailer

“They fill their compositions with extraordinary light and peace, as angelic choirs, strings, keyboards, flutes, and harp join with guitar in a journey of healing joy… Long gentle notes float like feathers on a spring breeze, gently transporting the listener into realms untouched by the ravages of time.” ~ Steve Ryals


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