In a love story as old as time, Princess Damayanti and Prince Nala must challenge the gods themselves to keep their love alive.This is quintessential 2002 ~ piano, harp, guitar, lush orchestrations & tender flutes come together to carry you away on a magic carpet ride.


“Movie scores of the last twenty years have been severely lacking in originality and have been neither memorable nor iconic. 2002 could easily fill that void and make movie music vibrant again and restore the cinematic experience to its former glory.” ~ Raj Manoharan, RajMan Reviews

“If there was ever a soundtrack in search of a film this is it. I love the evocative visual quality of this music and hope that some visionary producer is enchanted enough by the magic in this soundtrack and the timeless tale it tells, to want to make it into a movie.” ~ Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

“I pop the CD onto the player and this gorgeous orchestral music comes rolling out of the speakers – neo-classical in style, until a variety of ethnic instruments enter, and then you realise you are listening to the magic of 2002. This album has a grandeur pulsing throughout its length, add the ravishing melodies and rich sound and you have a very highly recommended album. ~ John M. Peters, The Borderland

"The entire album is a slice of heaven." ~ Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-<a href="http://www.muzikreviews.com/reviews.php?ID=1738">MuzikReviews.com</a>

"…another shining example of the band’s mastery of weaving mood, atmosphere and instrumentation to create music that is timeless and special." ~ Music Design

“The New CD is 2 cups of River of Stars, a tablespoon of Across an Ocean of Dreams, and just a pinch of This Moment Now to make a real Nice 2002 Desert.” ~ Todd Mundy

“Epic and Serene…
I have been a 2002 follower from the beginning. This is their greatest work to date, as it captures a grand multitude of styles and emotions. The feeling one gets after listening to their music is easily that of uplifted and positive! I am always amazed by their new releases and am definitely looking forward to the next… Thanks, 2002, for all of the outstanding music over the years!” by DarkBlueGlow via iTunes

“…2002 are a musical force that cannot be written off. With a winning streak that began with 1997’s Chrysalis, the Copus’ have managed to record and create triumph after triumph. Damayanti keeps this productive streak well intact, conveying a very underlying production element of A Word In The Wind but melodically and musically keeping more in line with the 2002 flagship sound.” ~ Michael Debbage, Mainly Piano.com

“You will find Damayanti reveals a wonderful change in tonal atmosphere which does make it stand out from earlier predecessors, plus I imagine it will be another radio favorite on the airwaves.” ~John P Olsen, New Age Music World

“Damayanti is really a love story expressed in music. This album has a majestic beginning. You could imagine this music being played as the universe was created. Stunning vocals immediately entice you as they create a choir effect not unlike you would imagine in heaven. This is followed by “Flight of the Swan” which is intoxicating and filled with vibrancy. It is relaxing yet exciting and filled with wistful dreams. I listen to this album anytime I want to feel absolutely happy and in love. This music has the power to shift your mood and refresh your spirit.” ~ Rebecca Johnson, The Rebecca Review

“Keyboards, harps, synthesizers, elegant orchestrations and celestial voices grace the music which overall is soothing to the spirit as the story unfolds.” ~ RJ Lannan

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Music for a Celestial Journey