Believe – A Spiritual Romance


“2002 have created another sonic masterpiece that only furthers their standing as one of the most creative and prolific ensembles in new age music. As with all their releases, the production quality is absolutely stunning. The addition of vocals expresses their willingness to expand and evolve, exploring fresh musical terrain with each release. And now, with the inclusion of a new alchemical element in the mix, their daughter, I’ll be more interested than ever to hear what melodic magic they come up with next. Believe is a virtuoso recording that will appeal to long time fans of 2002 and new listeners alike.” ~ Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus
“A well thought out release that feels like it had meticulous planning but left room for inspiration and playfulness, this sets the stage for new age to take off to new places in fine fashion. Orchestral rather than minimal, grand rather than precious, this sounds like what you would have gotten if Chip Davis and Enya had a kid that stayed new age but wanted to rebel. Long time new age buffs can’t help but welcome this contemporary instrumental treat to the canon. Well done throughout.” ~ Chris Spector, Midwest Record
“Believe: A Spiritual Romance es el nuevo álbum de la banda 2002, y posiblemente uno de los mejores trabajos del 2012. Arreglos orquestales, dulces voces, instrumentos étnicos y un arduo trabajo en la composición son los componentes perfectos para crear diez piezas que serán difíciles de olvidar. Atendiendo a las emociones más personales, 2002 juega con las melodías y los instrumentos, dando a cada composición una personalidad que se modifica obedeciendo al estado de ánimo del oyente; esto hace que Believe sea un álbum perfecto para disfrutar en cualquier momento.” ~ Alejandro Clavijo, Reviews New Age
“Believe is the 14th album by Pamela and Randy Copus after releasing their first album as the music duo 2002 in 1992. Associated most often as top artists in the new age music category, the 10 contemporary instrumental songs on Believe is a progressive advancement from earlier releases by a majority of songs containing a variety of rock influences with flowing vocals and lyrical verses you will find inspiring.

Everyone will have their favorite songs on this release, and the great news is you will find many new favorites. Rarely do I hear so many exceptional songs on a single album, and as expected, their relentless attention to quality is present in every detail.

This more progressive style, merged with 2002’s signature sound, was actually a natural advancement for them since Pamela and Randy both began their professional careers playing and singing in bands. With 9 earlier albums making the Billboard Charts for a total of 270 weeks, their new release Believe could position 2002 in Billboard’s Top 10 New Age Chart again. It’s that good!

In the official 2002 newsletter they advised Believe is a departure from earlier releases since 6 songs contain vocals – like earlier songs Free to Fly, Moment of Love, Sarah’s Rainbow, Deep Still Blue & Remember Now. I remember thinking at the time it was a nice gesture to prepare fans about the vocals in an effort to prevent disappointing anyone, but in all honesty, after sampling Believe I now find it hard to imagine anyone not liking this album.

As one of the first to sample the album and write a review for Believe I am happy to report and say with confidence I anticipate that everyone will reach the same conclusion I have – Believe is a hot new release destined to be the best album ever by 2002! As for the artists Randy, Pamela and Sarah, today I am pleased to say their dream is alive and well.”
~ John P. Olsen, New Age Music World

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